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Word of Mouth Marketing

"Advertising is obsolete, everyone says so"

An interesting statement from New York Times! This quote appeared in the New York Times, describing the power of word of mouth marketing.

"So what is word of mouth marketing?"

It is actually part of our daily lifestyle (human nature). We endorse products and services daily to the people in our circle of influence, but we don’t normally expect to get rewarded for that. A good example is when you discover a good restaurant, or see an excellent movie, you tell all of your friends!

The financial beneficiaries from your word of mouth marketing are the companies selling those products or offering those services. We believe it’s time to reward the “mouths”.

We will use the money normally spent on advertising, consultants, rental agencies, telly-sales consultants and telephone accounts and reward you, the new member, handsomely in the active referral reward.

Be rewarded for word of mouth marketing

Support from African Prestige Zambia Limited

  1. As an African Prestige Zambia Limited member you have the benefit of participating in our active referral program once all documentation has been completed and a full deposit paid.
  2. You will now be rewarded for word of mouth marketing in African Prestige Zambia Limited according to our matrix.
  3. There will be ongoing host training to assist you to grow your business.
  4. You will receive regular updates of all new growth in your business as well as new holiday options via e-mail.

Who would make a good referral?

What to say to potential members (referees)

You can exchange your allocated week for any other available week subject to it being in the same “season” that you have purchased.

First of all, you need to find the right type of person that can invest with African Prestige Zambia Limited. Tell them about the fantastic holiday ownership that will give them 5 years of rent free accommodation within the group portfolio, and most of all TELL THEM about the INCREDIBLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY which will give them a passive income. They must also remember to bring their cheque book along, as well as to attend the presentation with their spouse. Let them know that they are under no obligation what so ever, but that there will be fantastic benefits offered on the day. It will be to their advantage if their cheque books are readily available for them to take advantage of the benefits on offer.

Again, please remember they are under no obligation to join the club.

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