Holiday at Manzi Monate

As a family we would like to thank African Prestige for affording us the opportunity to have a vacation at Manzi Monate, South Africa.

We enjoyed our stay at the resort, it is a wonderful place, conducive place for a vacation and the staff members and everything else was just wonderful . We were even thinking as a family if we can be given another chance, the better so that we can fully explore and get the benefit of a vacation with African Prestige.

As We are a family who loves vacations. Have a blessed day!
– Melanie Kaputula

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A great time in Cape Town!

We had a great time in Cape Town, South Africa. We visited the Cape Point and other very interesting places. The accommodation was excellent as we enjoyed to take walks by the beach every evening. We hired a car and managed to explore Cape Town on our own as a family. – Dr. Abel Mwale

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